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Selling Your House with Terms

Family Guy Buys Houses buys houses in and around Central Florida (and other areas too!). We’re not listing your house… we’re actually the ones buying your house. Most sellers want retail or full market value for their house. As investors, we can either pay cash or we can buy houses with terms. If we buy with cash and have to make a profit, we have to buy with a discount and can not pay retail market price. However, if you are willing to work with us on terms then we can often get you full price.

If you’re about to list or sell your house, or even if you have already listed it, before you do anything else please read below. What you’re about to learn will change the way you think about selling and will save you thousands in commission, closing costs, payments and other expenses getting your house sold. This will be the fastest, easiest and most profitable way you can sell!

Whether you have a beautiful home in a gorgeous neighborhood or a run down house in a high crime area. But, it’s not for everyone! Let me explain. If you own a run down house that needs to be rehabbed or simply outdated our offer will likely be all…CASH. We simply agree on a price and you get a check in a few days.

If you own a home that needs little or no work and has an underlying loan…

There’s 2 ways we can buy it depending on the repairs and your equity.

1.  It may be all cash.
2.  It may be on terms. I’ll explain more in a minute.

If you own a beautiful house needing little or nothing and you’re asking full retail price.
There’s only one way we will buy…TERMS.

How Terms work

Explaining Terms to Sellers

Benefits of selling with Terms

So what is TERMS? Once we agree on a price after seeing the house along with a term and one of two things happen. If you have an underlying loan with a payment we will make that payment until you get cashed out on a term agreed by both parties. You will get instant debt relief and your house is sold fast. Most of the time, home owners have little equity above the loan and others may have a lot. You will get some equity in cash, but it will not be at the time we close. Free and clear houses have no loan, so the seller will get a monthly payment until cashed out. This is preferred by many sellers who’d rather have the stable income and also reduced tax liability for capital gains purposes.

You’ll know within minutes of your first contact if we’re a match.

Reasons for Selling with Terms

  1. No home inspections. Most homeowners don’t realize how costly the results of a home inspection can be until their house is inspected.
  2. No Repairs. Many sales are lost because the homeowner can’t afford to make the repairs found in the home inspection.
  3. No appraisal required. Appraisals can take weeks and the results have killed many sales.
  4. No more showings. No strangers going through your house and you having to take your time to get your house spic and span.
  5. You’ll sell as-is. This is regardless of any maintenance or repairs needed, from minor to major. We buy both ugly and pretty houses in most locations.
  6. All closings are done with a local attorney or title company in a professional and confidential manner. No cost to you.
  7. No realtor commissions. We are buyers not realtors.

Who is this for?

  1. Any seller how wants a fast, easy exit at no cost.
  2. Any seller that wants to save thousands on commission, closing costs, inspections and other costly entanglements.
  3. Any seller tired of Realtors calling, endless calls from buyers and investors trying to steal their house.

Who is this Not for?

  1. Any seller who must have all their cash from the sale immediately to buy another home or any other reason.

    We can pay full price but, not if it’s all cash today. You’ll get cash, but on a delayed cash out. If you prefer not to sell until you get cashed out, we may lease with an option to buy. This will get you most of the benefits discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why don’t I just list my house with a Realtor?

Answer: You certainly can and many sellers do so without knowing the options and costs involved in selling this way.

Let’s look at the cost first of listing and selling with a Realtor. Below is an example:

  $500,000  Asking Price
– $480,000  Sales Price
– $28,400  Realtor Commission
– $10k -$15k  Sellers Closing Costs 
– Payments you make while waiting 3-6 months.
– Repairs you have to make

Your net will likely be less than $435,000 on a $480,000 sale ($500,000 asking price). When you list and sell with a Realtor you often will not know when or if it will sells or for how much.

In short, YOU WILL NET MORE selling our way than any other way you sell.

Question: Do I get any money now?

Answer: Some will and some won’t. It depends on condition and equity and your needs.

Question: Why should I chose you over a Realtor?

Answer: Since Realtors aren’t buying your property, realtors will not make your monthly mortgage payments and they will not pay your closing costs. Once you list your property with a Realtor you will need to make 3-4 or more payments while it sits on the market. Realtor commissions are usually 6% of the purchase price.

We don’t want to list your house, we want to buy your house. We can typically pay the closing costs and since we’re not realtors you don’t pay us any commissions. We can buy your house now versus you having to wait.

If you still think listing with a Realtor is your best option, then I suggest you list it for 90 days. If your property isn’t sold at the end of 90 days, then contact us and we’ll discuss buying your house because we’re willing and able buyers.

Question:   What if my property is already listed?

Answer:  Let us get some information and we’ll either pay the commission or be available when it expires.

Question: Do you charge any fees?

Answer: No, you’ll never pay us a dime.

Question: How do you get paid?

Answer: Our specialty is working with families who are buying good homes in all price ranges who need terms and time to qualify for a loan to cash you out. They’re quality people and they are screened heavily before they move in. We can do either a lease purchase or owner financing, both of which will have a deadline for them to refinance and obviously it’s in their best interest to do so. We don’t get paid until you get paid. Over 70% of the market can’t qualify for a loan, but with a little time working with us they can. So it’s really just a delayed cash sale at full price. Our compensation comes from the amount our buyer brings us for an option deposit and because we can offer terms, we raise the price just enough to cover our cost, so it costs you nothing.

Question: What if I have a problem tenant?

Answer: We’ll buy it and handle the tenant.

Question: What if my property needs repairs?

Answer: We’ll handle all repairs, so that’s our problem not yours.

Question: Are you an investor?

Answer: Yes, but we are not trying to steal your house. But we’re not going to live in the house so I guess that does make us investors … but nothing like you see on TV. Our goal is to give buyers terms and help them get cashed out as soon as possible, and get them top price. We get paid when we do that. Our compensation comes from the buyer, not you as the seller and we’ll save you on commission, repairs and closing costs. So really it’s just a delayed cash out for you at full price. But that does mean that you have to be willing to work with us on terms and give me several years for me to get you cashed out.

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